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Over the last 20+ years of shooting, I have had the pleasure of following pursuits in pretty much every genre of shooting.  From black powder, casting, handguns, shotguns, and long guns of every kind, I always had an eye towards making each platform as accurate as possible.

When you read about this guy that took a 223 out to a mile accurately.. Yeah, I am “that guy”.

As a “techie”, I have spent a lot of time wildcatting and experimenting with cartridges and bullets to push the limits and come up with the “better mousetrap”.  Some have worked, some not so much but all have taught me so much about the world of shooting and what makes it all tick.

What really matters…

I am always interested in anything new to help improve accuracy and precision shooting.  This has lead to help with R&D for some of the Manufacturers I represent through Mystic Precision.  Lots of exciting things in the works.

The last 15yrs, I have put that interest into LR competition and F class shooting in particular.

Competing has lead to podium finishes in F class in both Open and FTR on a local and provincial level.  I have also done some local 1000m bench shooting and taken home a few trophies there too.

The highlight in recent years was qualifying for the Canadian National FTR team and helping to win the Silver team medal in FTR at the 2013 World Championships in Raton, NM.  The highest medal ever won by a Canadian National Team in International competition.

Followed this up with an individual Win in FTR at the Alberta Provincials in 2014.

Top 10 finishes at the 2015 Cdn Eastern Championships and Montana State Championships.

Currently, I have been short listed for the Canadian National FTR team going into the 2017 Worlds.  2016 will be a very busy year to secure my seat on the team.

Cheer us on as we go for GOLD in Ottawa 2017.

Through Mystic Precision, I hope to share my knowledge and experiences to help you make better purchases so you can also improve your performance on target and in the field.

Look forward to help you move to the next level….

Jerry Teo