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Whiskey 3 Chassis SAKO 7STW Custom Build by Mark K

Whiskey 3 Chassis SAKO 7STW Custom Build by Mark K






This is a project we recently assembled for Mark K on his SAKO TRG-s.  Not very often we get to see a Superb Build on a SAKO and this one is a gem.

Parts List:

Sako TRG-s m995 Action, bolt and trigger.

7mm Kreiger SS #6 contour 1-9 barrel, chambered in 7mm Shooting Times Westerner

JP Enterprises Bennie Cooley Muzzle Brake

Whiskey 3 Chassis by Kinetic Research

Leupold Mark 4 6.5-20x50mm TMR Reticle M1 turrets.

Sako Optilock rings and Bases

MPod bipod by Mystic Precision.

AICS CIP Magazine. (Still waiting/looking for one)




Mark K  :  ”

I just have wanted to build a custom rifle/long range setup for years. I have grown up and continue to shoot almost exclusively Sako rifles, and I have always been attracted to calibers that have good long range capabilities. I Currently have, 222 Remington(Not really a long range cartridge, but great accuracy), 260 Remington, 280 Remington, 7mm STW, and my newest 300 WSM

So I knew my build would be based off a Sako. I just never could decide on what cartridge. Until last year when I bought a Sako 75 in 7mm STW and loved it. It has all kinds of power, and the capabilities of shooting way out there. So, that was it, I had my plan. Although, my plan was to use the Sako 75 as base for the custom. Then I bought the Sako TRG-s to use as a hunting rifle, but upon receiving it discovered someone had tampered with the head spacing. So it became the donor rifle. That lead me to contacting you [Mystic Precision and Black Art Rifle Company], and with your help this is the end product. The biggest problem in my area, is finding a place to shoot further than 300 yards. My club only has a 200 yard range. I enjoy reloading, and finding the best loads for accuracy. I am hoping to join the Ontario Rifle Association this year, and with some luck, I can find the time to get to some long range shoots.

I have grown up shooting with my father, and since a very young age enjoyed learning about reloading, load development, and the importance of obtaining the best accuracy out of a rifle. My father’s rifles and all of my own were factory Sako’s and their primary use was hunting. He instilled in me that if your rifle would shoot tiny little groups off the bench, it will bring you confidence in the field while hunting, and you know that when you pull the trigger, you will hit what you are aiming at. Combined with learning some basic ballistics, you could accurately make longer shots than most hunters are comfortable with.

I think it was that appetite for accuracy that pushed me to want to build a custom, to see how precise I can be, and how far out I can shoot.

This rifle, unlike all my other rifles, will primarily be used for targets/steel. I am fairly comfortable shooting out to 4-500 yards now, but with this rifle I am hoping to push that out to 1000 yards +

Thanks again Jerry [and Terry of Black Art Rifle Company] for your help and guidance with this build.