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F Open Success First Match… 6 Dasher Custom

F Open Success First Match… 6 Dasher Custom

It is always great to have new shooters enter the sport and even better when you can help them get on the podium.  Below is a build by Mike T of Alberta.  He entered his first F class match in May and came in 3rd!!!!  But his story is even better so here is Mike’s Email to me…

Hey Jerry

Well I did my first F Class this last weekend (300,400,500,600,700,& 800). Having never shot past 300 I was nervous. Had some organizational issues at 300m but I got my act together for the rest. Day two (700 & 800) was windy up to 5 MOA hold. At 700m they pulled the target before I shot so it was off in the white (the RSO asked if I wanted a redo but since I was sure I was coming in last I told him not to worry about it). So did not rank in the top 3 on day one or two, however I came in third overall with the aggregate score; 4 points below #1 – about what I lost on the pulled target! Should have redone it, my bad.

Thanks for the help with the bullets, the scope, & the tips. I raised my scope rings as you suggested and keep my head up when I shoot!


Ooops… it ain’t over till the last bullet hits the target and scored.  There is always time to screw up 🙂

Mike put together a great looking rig


“My F Open target rifle is: 

McMillan F Class stock w adjustable butt plate and cheek piece
Borden Rimrock action
Jewell trigger
Krieger barrel 30” chambered in 6mm Dasher
gunsmith Henry Rempel
Sightron 10-50 scope (Mystic)
Edgewood rear bag
second hand SEB rest, well used
spotting scope is a kijiji 40 year old Bushnell Spacemaster scope ($50)
6mm Berger Hybrid 105 g (Mystic)
Varget powder with CCI small primers
Lapua 6mm BR brasss reformed with a Hornady 6mm Dasher hydro forming die to Dasher
RCBI reloading kit with Redding full length die and Forster Micrometer seating die, K&M neck turning tool, reloading music is Keith Urban on Apple Music
That’s about everything I own .. for now.
Well, Congrats Mike on your great start to this wonderful sport.  All the best for future matches.