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How Well To Prechambered Barrels Shoot?

Oct 16, 2009 This is a very common question I get asked. The short answer is VERY WELL and it really depends on the quality of barrel used and the precision of the chamber cut. I just received a new Shilen SS Select match barrel prethreaded and chambered for the Savage action in 260AI. I put this into an older Savage action that used to be my 7RM LR hunting rig. Into my BR style thumbhole stock and off to the range. Below is a picture of the test groups I shot today with new, almost fireformed Win brass, Lapua 139gr Scenars, H4831SC, CCI BR2 primers. Conditions were near ideal with next to no wind, overcast, cool but damp (just rained). [almost fireformed brass – this brass was formed using a light charge of pistol powder and cornmeal and has the shoulder about 90% formed (still rounded shoulder). The first smokeless load performs the final forming and gives the case a nice sharp shoulder] After the first 6 shots to try and sight in the rifle, I found that the scope ring shims (Burris Sig Zee rings) were way off and I was shooting way too high. I forgot my extra shims so had to make do. Was able to get the POI on the target but still over 1ft high at 100yds. All testing was done at 100yds because I couldn’t keep on target at 200yds – POI way too high. A couple more shots and I was near the target and had run out of sighting in ammo so I had to use my first test load.... read more

How to Build a Long Range (or F class) Rifle on a Budget

  In this article, I cover in detail the steps you can take to build a 1/4 min or better shooting LR rifle suitable for either Hunting or F class competition. It distills the experiences I have had over the last 12yrs trying to extract the most performance for the least amount of money.  The article is posted on LongRangeHunting.com, the premier site for anything and everything to do with LR hunting. The article continues to be one of the most read articles on the website. Enjoy, Jerry How to Build a Long Range (or F class) Rifle on a... read more

Savage Tactical Rifle Project

With the kind sponsorship of Shilen Precision Barrels and Berger Bullets, I put together an economical tack driver that would serve me very well in Tactical Style competitions.  Using a base model Savage 11FCNS, I show you how to transform this into a head turning rig for little money and some sweat equity. Enjoy… Jerry Savage Tactical Rifle... read more

Shooting a 223 Accurately to a Mile

“Can’t be done” – That was pretty much how this topic was summed up by many shooters.  So, I just had to find out for myself.  If you are interested in pushing the ballistic limits of your rifle and bullet, I think you will find this article worth reading. It has a very happy ending. Enjoy… Jerry Shooting a 223 Accurately to 1... read more

6mmBR Gun of the Week #75 – Budget F Open Project Rifle

Interested in shooting F class but concerned about the costs?  This is my answer to building an affordable rifle that can shoot and win against the mega dollar rigs.  I have campaigned this rifle for several years and it has put me on the podium several times and also helped a novice place 3rds in the Frosty Farky Sept 2010 in Kamloops.  One of BC toughest F class matches. Enjoy… Jerry Gun of the Week... read more

Precision Reloading for the M1A/M305

Trying to get the most accuracy out of your M1A/M305 or other semi auto rifle?  I cover the history, theory and steps you can take to squeeze the most out these rifles.  After proper rifle tuning and bedding, my Norinco M305’s shot MOA or better and stayed accurate enough to hit clay pigeons at over 500yds. As an update to this article, I would strongly recommend the use of a Redding Body die to bump the shoulders after each firing.  This ensures the cases will chamber properly and eliminates the need to chamber check the rifle after each firing.  A huge time saver and increases safety. I have successfully used these methods on my Norc M4 and Ruger Target Mini14 in 223. Enjoy… Jerry Precision Reloading for the... read more