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Precision Reloading for the M1A/M305

Precision Reloading for the M1A/M305


Trying to get the most accuracy out of your M1A/M305 or other semi auto rifle?  I cover the history, theory and steps you can take to squeeze the most out these rifles.  After proper rifle tuning and bedding, my Norinco M305’s shot MOA or better and stayed accurate enough to hit clay pigeons at over 500yds.

As an update to this article, I would strongly recommend the use of a Redding Body die to bump the shoulders after each firing.  This ensures the cases will chamber properly and eliminates the need to chamber check the rifle after each firing.  A huge time saver and increases safety.

I have successfully used these methods on my Norc M4 and Ruger Target Mini14 in 223.



Precision Reloading for the M1A/M305