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Dave (yodave) D’s SR BR Score Winning Rig

Dave (yodave) D’s SR BR Score Winning Rig

Dave, on Vancouver Island has been making himself some very nice looking  and great shooting Savage and Stevens target rifles.  With his own duplicator, he is fabricating these great looking stocks.  His results speak for themself and he recently won a Score BR Match in Parksville (March 2011) with a 600-40X out of a possible 600-60X.

Nice rigs, great shooting.  The text has been cut and paste from his post on CGN.  I look forward to hearing more about his rigs and how they perform in competition.



“Here are three of my go to rifles – the specs,

Apple jack stock, pillar bedded stevens 200 action, hi score ssa, SSS barrel nut and recoil lug, rifle basix trigger, shillen 17 twist 30BR Robinett cut and crowned at 24″

Hornet Stock, pillar bedded Stevens 200 action, hi score ssa, SSS barrel nut and recoil lug, rifle basix trigger, savage 12bvss 223 rem tak off barrel for now.

Pepper Laminate stock, action bedded Savage 110 which will shortly be wearing a model 12bvss 308 Win 26″ stainless barrel, Canjar set trigger, SSS barrel nut and recoil lug and going into a Hornet Laminate benchrest stock as soon as I get it chucked in the duplicator and remove some of the material that is hiding the benchrest look.”


“This target was during new 30BR load developement with 125 grain bullets hand made for me, four shots into a .100 inch group and the last shot of the day dropped right out. I tried to deny all or most of this but to many people managed blackmail pictures of the target so I am posting it publicly so they have nothing on me


“Second target is 10 shots for score on each bull at 100 yards using the old 115 grain load, one shot in the sighter and 10 in each bull for score, not bad for a 30 shot string, no group movement due to heat with that barrel.”

And some of Daves Projects: