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Mark B’s Barrel Nut Rem 700

Mark B’s Barrel Nut Rem 700

McGowen Precision Barrels decided to take the Savage barrel swap idea one step further and in cooperation with a barrel nut manf/supplier, can offer prefit/chambered barrels for the Rem 700.  Headspacing is the same as with a Savage.




From Mark Baxter:  “Attached is the completed rifle, (remington 700 with 28″ 8-twist mcgowen barrel w savage style lock nut chambered to 243 ai, timney trigger, burris signature zee rings, and lots of other goodies) as well as an exploded parts view, as well as a picture of the best 100m group from the first ladder test of 105 gn berger’s.  It seems to be a shooter.  If you want I can get some bettter quality pictures for you, if you would like to use them.  I plan on shooting a second ladder test to explore some ‘nodes’ at 300m in the very near future (as it is hard to tell the difference between group sizes when they are anywhere from .330″ all the way out to .460″)

Hope you are well, and thank you for the great service and thank you for your great online articles

Mark Baxter”