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Dave (Eagleye) A’s McGowen/Rem 308 Norma Mag

Got to say, this is one of the prettiest hunting rifles I have seen in a while.  Dave A, Eagleye on CGN, with the help of Bill Leeper, has put together a gorgeous hunting rifle that shoots as well as it looks.  The pics speak for themselves.  Enjoy

Here are Dave’s comments:

Hi Jerry; Attached are a couple of pics and groups shot with this new Rifle. Groups are 3-shots @100M
Here are all the details.
Action: Trued and lapped 700 Magnum action, bedded in stock
Stock: Tiger Maple from Remington Custom shop, Limbsaver Recoil Pad.
Trigger: Factory Remington @ 2¾ lbs
Barrell: Medium Sporter contour McGowan Chrome Moly, 1-10″ twist, finished at 26″
Optics: Leupold VX-3 3.5-10 x 40  B&C Reticule [Not in picture]
Smithing done by Bill Leeper Blued deep dark & glossy.

Loads that have shot best so far:
168 Barnes TTSX, Norma Case, RP 9½M Primer, 75.0 grains of Norma MRP
180 Barnes TTSX, Norma case, CIL 8½M Primer, 74.0 grains of IMR 7828