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Norinco M305 and Promag Precision Stock Build

Norinco M305 and Promag Precision Stock Build

This is a project rifle by TheZreturns fitting a Norinco M305 to the new Promag Precision stock.  One of the nicest looking M1A’s I have seen in a while.   He writes:



Here’s my new Norinco M14S (2011 model) slightly modified

From the help of Jerry Teo of Mystic Precision, I’ve finally succeed to “pimp” a little bit this chinese rifle…

Starting with an american-made precision stock called “Promag Archangel M1A Precision“.
The Archangel stock was originally made to fit a Springfield Armory M1A but only little adjustments had to be made to fit the chinese Norinco M14S.

Personnaly having only small gunsmith skills, I had to take out the dremel and files to make some nice adjustements to fit the rifle in the Archangel stock…

With the help from M14Doctor on Canadian Gun Nutz, I’ve followed every steps he made, to make this rifle fit in the stock.
Grinding around 6¼ inches of material beveled at a 35-45 degrees angle, on the right inside of the stock and also a little bit from the shoulder pads (trigger housing), helped to fit the action and trigger housing…
Took me around an hour to fit correctly without goofing around and it fitted flawlessly! It’s nice and tight!

Stock is adjustable in lenght (shoulder pad) and in height (cheek riser) with some tight 0.5 inch increments with the turn of a knob. Also have some nice features like at the bottom of the stock, there is a place to fit the web of the left hand so you can push the rifle in your shoulder. It also have 2 swivel studs to install a sling and finally have a full picatinny rail at the 6 o’clock position of the stock to fit a bipod!

This really helps to fit every shooters’ size, also to get a good eye-relief and a consistant accuracy!

Also from Mystic Precision, I bought a really good scope with a mildot reticle. It’s from the reknown company Sightron. Model is SIIB SS 6.5-20×50 Mildot. I think this scope glass fits in the Nightforce/Leupold league, but without the price tag… It cost around 690$ CAD and I must tell you it worth every dollar! It’s the best bang for the buck I’ve paid for a long time! Good price for a nice quality scope!

Still from Mystic Precision, I bought a Promag PM081 mount/scope base at a good price… The mount has an open top rail, so it only have 2 small rails to fit the rings… This help to prevent jamming/stovepipe…
Mount fits really well as I followed every instructions for fitting the mount tight against the receiver, with some blue Loktite. It still haven’t loosen up after a 100 rounds…

Finally, I’ve decided to go with some Weaver 6 bolts tactical 1″ rings. These are the X-High model. They hang on tight to the rails!

All this at the fraction of the price of a Springfield Armory fitted with a JAE stock…