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Congrats – Nik Taylor sets 2 new NRA F TR Mid Range Records

Continuing his success from the World Championships, Nik Taylor sets another two NRA records at 300 and 500yds at a recent match in Dec.

He writes:

It was the North Carolina Mid-Range State Championship (300-500-600 yards). Saturday was 20 shots at 3-5 and 6 with an extra 20 shot match at 600, I was clean through the first 3 matches (600-48x). My 300 yd. score of 200-18x was a national record and my 200-16x is a new record (I’m already the national record holder with 200-15x). Unfortunately I dropped a point in the 2nd 600 yd. match. Conditions were cold, overcast with a 3-5 mph tailwind that picked up later in the day. Sunday was also cold and fog started to move in just as relay 2 finished up, I was shooting 3rd and before I got to shoot we had a 1 1/2 hr. delay waiting for the fog to clear. I was shooting my number 2 rifle on Sun. it’s not quite the tack driver that my #1 rifle is but I wanted to even up the round count on both guns. Sunday saw the wind pick up considerably as the day went on. I dropped a point at 300 to vertical, cleaned 500, and by the time I shot 600 it was gusting up to 10-12 mph with a fast switching tailwind. I ended up dropping 2 points and thought I gave it away but Phil Kelley ended up dropping 5 points at the same time. It was a tight match with 3 of the top 5 F-TR shooters from the worlds participating.
Take Care, Nik”
Nik was shooting the MPOD to complement a very accurate FTR rifle which he built.  Mystic Precision offers a big CONGRATS to Nik and continued success to him and his BNX team.
He will be competing in Florida in Dec and look forward to the results.
PS  For those interested in some quality gunsmithing, give Nik a shout.  His rifles have been doing very well and he is a very nice guy to deal with.