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Choate Tactical Rem 700ACCSD by Frank D

Choate Tactical Rem 700ACCSD by Frank D

Frank D of Petawawa picked up a Rem 700 ACCSD recently but wasn’t happy with the stock.  I suggested the Choate Tactical with a Tac Pro adjustable cheek to keep costs down without compromising performance.


Here is his finished rig taken at a recent match in Ont.  Rem 700 ACCSD in 308,   Vortex HST Viper 4-16X44 in MRAD.  Really nice pic by CGN handle, klink1983



200yds group with his bet 168gr Handloads.

Frank notes ” I noticed a marked improvement from my first attempt shooting at 600yds.  The only thing this stock doesn’t do is eliminate hard cross winds”

Enjoy the stock and learning to read those hard cross winds.