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Wby Vanguard 6BR Tack Driver from Belgium

Wby Vanguard 6BR Tack Driver from Belgium

Phil from Belgium sent some nice pics and results of his new Wby Vanguard/MPOD 6BR.  The Wby Vanguard is not often discussed when building precision rifles but it does perform very well.









“Hi Jerry here are some photos of my rifle and some targets for your customer gallery.
Description of my rifle:

action—weatherby vanguard ( howa 1500)

barrel—- lothar walther inox 6br1/8″ twist

stock— staffordshire synthetic stock ( TAC5)

bipod—- mystic precision

I’ m very please of your bipod, rigid and light.

Phil from Belgium.”

Wish you all the best and continued success.  I hope this will increase interest in this strong and solid receiver.