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Sightron SVSS 10-50X60 vs NF Competition 15X55-52 – Quick comparison

Sightron SVSS 10-50X60 vs NF Competition 15X55-52 – Quick comparison



Quick Review – Sightron SVSS 10-50X60 and NF Competition 15-55X52 (2014 Model)

Had a chance to do a quick side by side comparison between these two scopes while out shooting with a buddy at 850yds. The weather was overcast with sunny and cloudy patches. Mirage ranged from light to medium. Pretty much identical to the lighting I had in my previous review.

The difference was this was only done in the field on a target. So like before, I am only concerned about optical qualities. We know the NF Comp works mechanically.


Eye Relief: Win SVSS

Although the NF Comp offers a fair amount of eye relief, the Sightron SVSS is simply….more. Not a problem for most target shooters as recoil is moderate to light.

Again, I would be leary if mounting this on a boomer that may move back a lot under recoil. The March and SVSS offer more eye relief.


Eye Box – Win SVSS

Getting a full and clear sight picture was easier, faster and better with the SVSS. The NF is quite critical on eye position or you will loose the image. Certainly not as bad as the March but far more critical then the SVSS or S&B.


Field of View – Win SVSS

Both scopes at 45X

When you do get a good sight picture with the NF, there is a sense of looking through a narrow tube. Again, not as bad as the March but definitely more “confined” then the SVSS. There is a very thick black ring around the image. Maybe a byproduct of using a smaller objective????

The view through the SVSS is expansive by comparison (The S&B was similar). You get a larger, easier to view image.

The actual field of view – what you actually see – is very similar BUT the perception with the NF is “less”. Like watching the same TV show on a standard (NF) vs a large screen TV (SVSS).


Side Focus – Win SVSS

The side focus on the NF Comp is completely useable and functional, but it is very critical of small adjustments. This can be a royal pain when needing to fine tune an image or back off to see the mirage. However, if you need to change focus from short range to far, real quick to do.

Again, the vast majority will have no issue using it. They will simply get used to the “touch” needed to get this scope in focus but the SVSS system is simply put, BETTER.

With the SVSS, the major focus is the same as the NF Comp. Big changes turning the knob. But then you have the secondary adjustment and that let’s you bring in the image and/or mirage to your liking so much easier, faster and precisely. You can make small adjustments easily.

I will continue to use the analogy of centering your group with a ½ min click scope (NF) or a 1/8 min click scope (SVSS). So much easier with the finer click scope.

This is one of the single strongest features of the SVSS and there is nothing in the market today to challenge it.


Colour, Brightness, Resolution – TIE

I have put these topics together cause there was no perceptable difference between either scope. We both looked at a bunch of objects from the target to the surrounding rocks and logs. Couldn’t tell any difference in any of the comparison categories.

Which is saying a lot given how good the NF Comp glass is.


Click value – NF 1/8min, SVSS 1/4min

¼ min vs 1/8 min clicks – ???? Again, this debate will rage on and really boils down to tastes. I would prefer to have 1/8 min elevation but ¼ min windage is no problem and desired. But I have shot with the ¼ min elevation before and will adjust. All the other goodness of the SVSS makes this a small niggle and not one that will stop me from competing with the SVSS.


Weight – Win NF

NF is 28oz… The SVSS is 41.5oz. Enough said.


So again, Sightron SVSS continues to impress. If weight is not an issue, the SVSS offers a lot more user friendly features vs the NF Comp, all at less costs.

More comparisons to come as I get my hands on other scopes.