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Pierce Titanium Custom FTR Rifle

Pierce Titanium Custom FTR Rifle



I am thrilled to have received my new Pierce Custom Titanium Rem SA type receiver. This will go into my new FTR rifle for the 2015 Season.  As pictured – Long Tenon, Fluted Bolt, Timney Calvin Elite – Action is in the White.  I swapped out for a Jewell BR in the final set up.  Very impressed with the machining and tolerances of these Actions. I have seen them in action and they work very well. Can’t wait to get my rifle finished in the coming months.

Weight of my receiver without base or lug as pictured… 23.5 ozs  

Pierce alloy base is about 1 oz


Rear Square Tang.  With this feature, you do not need to use a recoil lug in smaller chamberings.  I added a precision ground oversized lug as I will be putting alot of rds through this receiver of heavy recoiling 308… 


Scalloped bottom reduces weight some more and adds more bearing surface in bedding.  Notice that notch in the front of the receiver.  I swap barrels alot and this allows me to us a lug with a pin.  Ensures the lug is properly indexed in my bedding … sure saves a huge headache and I don’t need to pin the receiver.  Not a fan of taking any metal out of receiver in a way that can weaken it.  And there is never a risk of a pin breaking off inside the receiver… that’s a headache you just don’t need.

Fluted Bolt Body, Tactical Bolt knob, Cone Breech


Beautiful machining and chambering by Terry at Black Art Rifle Company. Min spec chamber and will be throated for the 30cal Heavies

Stock work pretty much all done. Now to seal, paint and add some colour to the barreled action. Bolt has smoothed up very nicely and runs slick. I have shot the rifle and it is going to be an accurate shooter.  Ejection of the cases are a little too energetic. Great for a hunting rifle but not so much for FTR…removed the ejector and will manually remove case from the receiver.  The camming force of this bolt is excellent.  Even toasty loads come out of the action without fuss.







And After –  All painted and dipped by LiquidCustoms.ca. I did the stock prep work and he applied the paint.   So far, it has stood up to range use very nicely.  Will be prepping my other stock for similar treatment this fall.

The machining for the Barreled Action was done by Terry at Black Art Rifle. Superb work and this rifle is shooting very well.