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Cdn National Development Team list for the 2017 F class Worlds Championships

Just got the final rooster for the 26 shooters (13 for Open and FTR) that will go through the final training and selection for the 2017 Canadian National F Class Team.

A number of very experienced shooters and members from the 2012 team.  Shooters from Coast to Coast too.  From Head Coach, Eric Bisson:

“Ladies and Gentleman,

I am pleased to announce the Canadian team members that will continue on
through 2016 as the official development team.


1) Greg Deleenheer
2) Darrell Pranke
3) Coty Pranke
4) Bruce Condie
5) Bob Raymond
6) Brian Sztym
7) Alexander Tkalitch
8) Ken Thiessen
9) Barry Price
10) Marc Thibault
11) Ralph Colgan
12) Cal Waldner
13) Jim Farrell


1) Jeff Wardlow
2) Armen Papazyan
3) Marcel Timmons
4) Darcy Spenst
5) Todd Sumner
6) Jerry Teo
7) Mark Iwanochko
8) Matt Wolf
9) Bob Galloway
10) Paul Kahnert
11) Gerry Wiens
12) Dave Harry
13) Bill Watts”

I look forward to the training and final selection process that will happen throughout 2016.

The final 20 shooter to be on the Cdn National Team will be selected this fall – 10 each for Open and FTR.

All the best to everyone trying out… It is a huge commitment in both time and resources.  See you are the practises.